Outage at J.P. Morgan Cuts Web Access

It appeared to be one of the sabbatical days for customers of JPMorgan Chase & Co as many lost access to electronic connections on Tuesday.

The company stated that it was majorly due to "technical issue, not hackers or criminals" and had to majorly concern with flaw associated with software of JP Morgan. The issue was recognized by Tuesday and was figuring out ways fix the same.

David Daniels who keyed in details to access the checking- and savings-account balances was stuck as he was unable to access his account. The notice came out as "temporarily unavailable" and work is in progress to restore the access.

The second largest bank of US is offering hardships for information-technology professionals.

J.P. Morgan Chase Chief Executive James Dimon, who on Tuesday launched a new application for Apple Inc.'s iPhone those aide users to deposit checks over the phone has offered apologies in public at the same time spoke of system shutdown at the conference.

J.P. Morgan has released official notifications to all its proprietary traders that their business will be on low and the regulation cost for the same would be near to $1 billion annually with respect to lost revenue.