Morgan Stanley Ends Advice to Buy Franc on Intervention Risk

Morgan Stanley reportedly has offered suggestions to sell euro in opposition to Swiss franc, stating of possibilities that Switzerland's central bank might pitch in the currency in favor of other Japanese acts.

According to reports of Stephen Hull: "Following the Japanese interventions overnight, we are concerned that the Swiss National Bank might also view the trade-weighted level of the Swiss franc as being too strong. While the fundamentals in Switzerland are still very good, we think that the risk/reward has deteriorated."

The franc was reportedly lowered by 0.6 percent against the euro to 1.3025 as of 10:43 a.m. in London. On the other hand the Japanese currency was on a high with 15-year high against the dollar as soon as Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan confirmed the news despite the fact that yen will remain strong against Bank of Japan.

Further reports claim that franc was reported to be on the higher side merely a week ago at CHF1.2765. It was claimed that the Swiss authorities are becoming increasingly fragile as the Swiss economy weakens. Fear lurks with respect to global investment community of a double-dip recession in the U.S and at the same time due to payment crisis.

It is stated that the in the coming two years the euro zone would be lowered and so will be the risks with Switzerland's growth. Recent facts suggest that inflation is on a lower side.