CWU All Set For Fight against Privatization of Royal Mail

The Government’s plan of privatization of the Royal Mail had triggered resentment in its employees.

The Communication Workers Union has identified the 71 MPs having smallest majority and has listed them all.

In a major and a very strange move in itself, the union has mobilized the local people to convince their MP’s either to vote against privatization else be ready for the defeat in the coming elections.

An 84-page dossier seen in Daily Mail carries the list of all MP’s along with their contact numbers and CVs.

The list includes the one Minister Sarah Teather, a junior Education Minister and a LibDem MP.

CWU’s actions had already failed the Government’s plan to privatize the Company in 1994 and 2009.

Union's £1.8million campaign yielded fruitful results as more than 200 MPs have jointly voted against the privatization last year.

Workers have been instructed to start a letter writing campaign, directly to MPs and through the print media.

For the campaign, £100,000 has already been allocated for the first phase.

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary revealed that Government is not left with any other option instead of selling all the shares of Royal Mail, leaving just 20% for the workers.

He added that network of 12,000 branches will not be a part of sale.

Mr. Cable said, “The post office network will remain a fully publicly owned network and we will retain responsibility for that”.