Pain Killers Associated with Risk of Strokes

The co-author of a Danish study has suggested prohibiting the marketing of painkillers that pose threat of heart strokes in those people even, who prior taking those possess no symptoms of the disorder.

The common name of the drug is Voltaren, which comes under other brand names also, which aggravates the risk of strokes.

There is a component known as Diclofenac in Voltaren, which is as harmful as Vioxx, an arthritis drug that was recalled in Australia in 2004 over the risk of heart attack.

The crew of researchers analyzed about 5.5 million people of Denmark for over eight years. They found out that the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs had been prescribed to more than 2.6 million.

Those, who were put on diclofenac or related drugs were 86% more at risk of getting a stroke and they didn’t have any prior unhealthy background to that. An excess to 1200 milligrams of Ibuprofen, commonly sold as Nurofen increased the risk of a stroke to 30%.

Gunnar Gislason, study co-author and senior cardiologist at Gentofte University Hospital expressed that ibuprofen should be sold only on prescription and diclofenac should be prohibited.

He said, "The use of these drugs is so widespread, and we have been using them for quite a few years without thinking they might have these side-effects".