The Jim Stynes Story Screening and the Man Himself

Featuring in his own documentary upon his life was a clear motivation, which is all about his battle with cancer, since he always desired inspiring people to think out-of-the-box whilst fighting the illness, said the ex-AFL legendary footballer.

While at the screening of Every Heart Beats True – The Jim Stynes Story, the man himself, told the audience in the boardroom of Channel Nine's Richmond headquarters that all through his life, he met a lot of people battling the disease and it amazed him that how so many did not ever look outside what their oncologists said.

Motivating all, he said that people with cancer must look outside, indulge in reading books, or get all the information in awareness camps on the disease.

He said the foremost thing is to take the responsibility of helping yourself and not simply sit back wishing that things would change on its own.

The documentary is a one-hour program that was shot over a term of nine months and also, the documentary comprise a striking footage of the Melbourne Football Club president urinating into a glass and then, drinking it whilst pinching nose to cover the stink.

Also, there is a scene in the documentary series where he administers a coffee enema to himself, so as to cleanse his bowels.