Next-gen broadband to benefit elderly: Ofcom

Telecommunications regulator Ofcom has said that next-generation broadband services would boost social engagement and reduce isolation of the elderly and disabled Brits.

Outlining the importance of super-fast broadband, Ofcom said in a new report that super-fast broadband services could enhance the delivery of healthcare, improve social participation and entertainment services.

Commenting on the topic, Ofcom said, "Given improved access, older and disabled people would be able to participate more in work and education, and in social and community activities, providing more options for social engagement and reducing social isolation.”

Older and disabled Brits would be able to gain physical and psychological health benefits by accessing products and services through internet.

The regulator also pointed to the issue of encouraging those who presently are not online, saying isolated older and disabled people should be moved to the digital world.

Older and disabled Brits would be able to get diagnosed without having to leave their house. Befriending schemes via webcam and video chats would help them reduce isolation.

The report prepared by Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for Older and Disabled People also highlighted the benefits of technologies like HD and 3D TVs and more interactive digital games.