Apple might have acquired HDR technology firm Immense

Rumors are swirling that the highly publicised High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature, which was recently added by Apple to its iOS 4.1, was not the product of Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant.

Reports suggest that Apple might have purchased the HDR technology firm, known as Immense, which is expert in dealing with this technology.

Commenting on the topic, Apple news site Mac Rumours stated, "Based on evidence we've compiled, we believe that Apple may have purchased a small Cambridge, UK-based company known as Immense for its expertise dealing with just this technology.”

Earlier in July 2010, Cambridge-based Immense shut down its own website following an announcement from its investors, Braveheart Ventures, that the firm had been acquired. No further details were provided at that time. The firm also vanished from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Immense's director of engineering and other executives are currently working at Apple.

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