Wen Attends Meeting with Obama in New York

In an attempt to fix the relations between the two countries after going through tough times, Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, reported on Tuesday, that by next week, the Premier of the State Council of China, Wen Jiabao will be meeting US President Barack Obama, in New York.

The meeting would be held as a part of Premier Wen's two days visit to New York, as he made plans to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting and a special summit on the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The reporters in Beijing knew that Premier Wen will be attending around 20 bilateral and multilateral meetings during that visit.

According to Liu, the two leaders would discuss "China-U. S. relations and other regional issues of shared interests" with the chief discussion being around the issue of the Chinese currency and the actions that should be taken to enhance its position in the market. The value of Yuan has been of great concern to experts and investors in the US and the European countries.

The Assistant Foreign Minister also said, "During the meetings, Premier Wen will meet with President Obama but we are still working on the specific timing of the meeting".