RCGP Wants to Delay the GP Commissioning

Andrew Lansley has been told by the RCGP to delay his plans for GP commissioning. According to the new Commissioning Activity, a number of 'large outsourcing companies' and other provider groups will become the main providers of services to GP groups, when the market will become strong in the coming times.

According to the RCGP report, there should be some criteria in order to provide infrastructure support and resources to GP consortia.

The RCGP mentions that every GP consortium should be able to cover a population of around 500,000, which is five times more than the estimated figures.

The college is expecting around four different models of commissioning support.

RCGP has warned that if GP consortia are replaced with PCTs, then there will be destability in the NHS. This plan will also put extra pressure on the clinicians and will ‘open the door’ to the private sector.

It is also feared that the plan to have more and more commissioning groups all over the country would lead to health inequalities.

The GP consortia may recruit only the selected ex-PCT commissioning staff directly, but it is ‘unlikely’ to attain the standard in order to attract more talented people and more funds.