Australians More Prone to Weight Increase after School

Australian teenagers leaving school are more likely to be at the risk of gaining too much weight and after the weight gain they are less likely to get back to their normal weight.

According to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) from Melbourne, after tracking down 1500 people for a decade between the age group of 14-24, it was found that Australians tended to increase in weight after school.

It was also found in the study that obesity rates doubled and the number of overweight people increased by 66% after leaving school.

Prof. George Patton, Head of adolescent health, MCRI further informed that there was immense physical and emotional change in people during adolescence. Teenagers also had decreased physical activity and also have poor eating habits, which was the reason behind their weight gain.

The study also stated that one-third of the young people of the age of 24 were overweight or obese in Australia. The number of overweight people increased from one-fifth in adolescence to one-third by the age of 24. Obesity also rose from 3.6% in adolescence to 6.7% by the age of 24.

Prof. Patton further acknowledged that most of the teenagers reaching obesity were not likely to reduce weight with the passage of time.