77% of The Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Washroom: Study

During a microbiology conference that was held in Boston on Monday, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and the American Cleaning Institute published a report showing that one in every three men in Turner Field do not wash their hands after using the washroom. This number was the highest since 1996, when the institutions began launching such studies.

The study also showed that 98% of the women using the washroom at the same place during the same duration did not leave the washroom without washing their hands properly.

In addition, the researchers conducted some phone surveys and found out that 89% of the people using washrooms at home always maintain a proper level of personal hygiene by washing their hands, whereas in the case of public bathrooms, the percentage jumped to 96%.

Dr. Judy Daly, the Spokesperson of the American Society for Microbiology and the Director of Clinical Microbiology at Children's Primary Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, expressed his satisfaction with the results, despite the fact that there is still more work to do.

Although, the study encompassed other locations, this was the lowest and the most disturbing rates. However, according to some people, most disturbing was the fact that a man might be `observed' in the washroom.