Studies Say, Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines Do not Cause Autism

According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), higher level of thimerosal present in vaccines do not cause autism in infants or those in the womb of their mother.

Till date, many studies have been conducted to find out the link between thimerosal and autism. In almost all researches, no connection has been found between the two.

In fact, it was found that children, who were suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD), actually had less exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines, as compared to those children who didn't have ASD.

The number of children suffering from autism is increasing every day across the world. In the United States, one in 110 children is suffering from ASD, which also includes many other developmental disorders like Asperger's syndrome and severe retardation. These children are also forced to lead a solitary life.

Many parents in the US are worried that thimerosal-containing vaccines can be harmful for the children. To allay their fears, scientists have mentioned that thimerosal doesn't lead to autism.

An online survey was done and it was found that 25% parents mentioned that some vaccines are responsible to cause autism in their healthy children.

Only one in 10 parents said that they do not follow the immunization recommended by the doctors.