iPod Nano segregated : iFixit

iPod Nano, apparently the sixth generation offering of musical device has been dissected by iFixit.

It is claimed to be the third device in 72 hours and has been claimed to be an iPod shuffle with a (small) screen rather than an iPod Nano with multi-touch, as stated by iFixit's CEO, Kyle Wiens.

Mr Wiens stated that Apple is "seriously reaching by calling the Nano 'multi-touch' ". The Nano version offers two-finger screen rotation, apparently the only multi-touch gesture offered by the device.

Rumors relating to pinch-to-zoom feature apparently have been falsified and might be staged later in the form of firmware update.

iFixit further added that Apple considered Toshiba to offer the 8GB NAND memory flash, while a number of Apple branded chips fall under the range of tiny motherboard in case of iPod Nano.

However, the iPod Nano comes as 8GB model or a 16GB one and is priced at £129 and £159 respectively.