ARM Holdings’ Eagle chip to power super-smartphones

The UK microchip manufacturer ARM Holdings said it new chip, codenamed Eagle, will be able to power future super-smartphones that will feature 5x the “brain power” of existing models.

As per a report published in the Economic Times, ARM managing director Ian Drew said that their new Cortex A15 chip should help manufactures develop smartphones that would be able to offer five times better content and performance by the end of 2013.

The report cited Ian Drew stating, “It will be like carrying a computer around in your pocket, but it will only be the size of a phone and will have the battery life to last all day.”

The new Cortex A15 chip will also help manufacturers create next generation of games and tools.

The Cortex-A15 processor is currently available for licensing and is intended to manufacture in 28nm, 32nm and future geometries. The chip, should emerge in 2012, and will be available in mono, dual, quad, octo and 16-core configurations clocked at speeds of up to 2.5GHz.

Currently, ARM chips are used in some of the very popular mobile devices of the world, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad.