Anti-poverty quango faces the review

The International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell rolled out an imperative review of the effort of an anti-poverty quango following reports of sumptuous expenditure asserts, as per the reports.

Further it has been claimed that the executives at the Commonwealth Development Corporation dart up huge taxi bills, hang about at luxury hotels and dined in few of London's deluxe restaurants at the taxpayers' expenditure.

The non-executive director's one bill for dinner for CDC at the Michelin-starred L'Autre Pied restaurant swayed into £700, as per the documents attained by the paper in a Freedom of Information demand.

Spokesman of Department for International Development expressed the paper that Mr. Mitchell structured an imperative analysis into the exertion of the CDC.

He also added that extravagant expenditures are entirely deplorable. The Secretary of State has set up a review of all aspects of CDC's work, including pay and remuneration he said.