Cancer Research: A Ray of Hope for People

Millions of people see a positive ray of hope in cancer research and hope to see their lives improve.

For cancer research, the biggest source of financial backing is from the Federal Government. The funding coming from the Government helps carrying out clinical research and examinations that are conducted in each state of the nation.

This positivity could be accredited to the improving scenario seen in the past two year’s term in funding that is made by people towards the National Institutes of Health.

But, the sad part is that there is lack of sustained backing for the same, which makes it difficult to predict if the improved impetus will be maintained for long or not or if any breakthrough will be seen in future.

The existing proposals concerning funding could make the speed sluggish. It has been indicated by Congress that $32 billion of medical research for 2011 will be seen funded.

Sen. Herb Kohl demands that cancer research must be given a national precedence under the existing proposal.

It is the cancer advocates, who are demanding support of funding $35 billion be made by Congress that should be towards the National Institutes of Health, which will keep on advancing further in research and development relating cancer, given that it is offered continual fund backing.