Repackaging of UK Climate Projections is Required, Says CBI

Business lobby group, the CBI has released a new report suggesting the climate scientists and the Government to change the way they usually communicate the potential risks concerning climate change.

They also assert that the corporate reports that the business firms often release too must entail some information about the climate risks being faced by each one of them.

"The Government must help ensure that businesses have the information needed to take action," he said. "This data. needs to be made available in an easy-to-use format", says Dr. Neil Bentley, CBI Director of Business Environment.

They further remark that there needs to be a change in the packaging of the UK Climate Projections for they need to use a language which can be easily understood by one and all. Also, there needs to be a special feature discussing ways as to how the regulated sectors can adapt to the climate change.

This report is named as 'whatever the weather: managing the risks from a changing climate'. It requests the Government to come up with a new 'public information bank', which contains all the information about the climate risks, and also suggests and explains as in how are they going to be affected by it.