All Fats are Not Bad

It is a misconception that all fats are harmful. In fact, the human body requires some good fats to burn the bad fats.

It is said that there are a total of nine calories in one gram of fat, as compared to 4 calories for one carb and 4 calories for one gram of protein. That is why, fats are considered more calorie dense, in comparison to carbs and proteins.

These days, all processed and packaged foods have a list of nutrition value mentioned on them.

Generally, the nutritional information on the packet is for one portion. Some packets have information for two, three, or even six portions.

A half a can of tinned pasta is equal to one portion. If anyone consumes the whole tin, it means that the person has taken two portions. So the amount of fat, carbohydrate, sodium indicated on the tin, should be doubled.

An adult female who is over 55 years of age, generally requires around 1,600 calories in a day, whereas an active man below 25 requires a much higher amount of calories, that is, around 3,000.

Fats are divided into saturated and Trans fats, and adults should receive around 20 to 35% of the total daily calories, from fats.

It is very important to have balance in your diet and dieting doesn’t mean that one should stop taking fats completely. Some amount of healthy fat is required.