Research: Brain Scan Technique might be Able to Recognise Developmental Disorders in Kids

By making use of a brain scan system, a child’s mental development can be seen and recorded in a similar manner as height and weight, a new study has said. The technique would be vital in recognizing kids, whose brains are not growing according to their age.

Researchers are of the viewpoint that developmental disorders such as autism might be identified with the aid of this tool. Nico Dosenbach and Bradley Schlaggar from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis spearheaded the study.

Schlaggar said, "This is very much like what people experience when they go to a pediatrician's office and have their height, and their weight, and their head circumference measured and the pediatrician plots where they are on those growth curves".

The research sponsored by the federal entailed 238 participants between the age group 7 to 30. More than 12,000 connections in the brains of these partakers were observed. The investigators saw that the method was able to make out the difference between the brains of grown-ups and kids correctly. It was successful in finding out that where did the persons scored in the usual course of brain development.

The researchers said that the technique, known as functional connectivity MRI, depicts the parts of the brain that are communicating, making it helpful to recognize developmental disabilities, in comparison to the usual MRI that shows structure of the brain.