NetApp and Oracle settle 3-year-old patent lawsuits against each other

Data management specialist NetApp and Oracle Corp. have announced that they had dismissed a three-year-old patent lawsuit against each other without prejudice.

The lawsuits were filed by the duo against each other in 2007, Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems. Each of the two had claimed that the other was infringing some of its patent laws.

NetApp had claimed that Sun Microsystems' ZFS file system and logical volume manager breached its patents. Sun Microsystems responded filing its own patent lawsuits against NetApp.

The companies issued a statement, saying that they were seeking to had the lawsuits settled without any prejudice.

Commenting on the topic, NetApp president and CEO Tom Georgens said, "Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate with Oracle to deliver solutions that help our mutual customers gain greater flexibility and efficiency in their IT infrastructures.”

NetApp produces innovative storage and data management solutions that provide a boost to business breakthroughs and deliver great cost efficiencies.

The terms of the agreement are yet to be disclosed.