Scientists to plant electronic chips into fish

Fish will be planted with sensors similar to chips used in game consoles, such as Nintendo Wii, in order to get an insight into the fish’s lives.

Researchers at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) has plans to implant chips into fish as it will help them in making stock predictions.

The three-axis accelerometer sensors will let scientists know more about fish like cod and salmon by gauging their metabolic rates and noticing their movements.

The electronic tags will log every time a fish opens its mouth and feeds. The tags will tell where and how often the fish eat. The tags will also tell where a fish is in the water at any time.

Speaking on the topic, Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon said, "It is incredible to think that the same technology we use to play computer games could eventually help us in our predictions of future fish stocks.”

Better understanding of the fish behavior will also help scientists protect fish, the nation’s favourite food.

The electronic tags are of day-glow orange colour and they reach the surface of the sea when the fish dies or is eaten by another creature.

Researchers have been able to conduct precise studies of birds and mammals using lightweight radio-tracking devices, but researches on fish have always been hindered by stern sea pressures.