Conference to be Held in October to Discuss Embryonic Stem Cell Research Issue

As many as 1,200 people are expected to participate at a conference that is slated to be held on 4-6 October. In the conference, issues like adult and embryonic stem cell research and other regenerative medical matters will be discussed.

The delegates will ponder over the role of Federal Government in stem cell research work. The researchers want that the Government should make available more funds for the embryonic stem cell research work.

Bernard Siegel, who is the Executive Director of the Genetics Policy Institute, said that the timing for discussing these issues is correct. He further said that through talks we will try to convince the Congress to make some amendments in the law before the formation of a new Government.

It is expected that the conference will be attended by researchers, patients, investors, people from educational institutes, ethicists, policy makers, and politicians.

It is worth mentioning that on Aug. 23, the funding for the human embryonic stem cell research was stopped by Judge Royce Lamberth from the District of Columbia.

Pro-life advocates are urging that the research work should be done on adult stem cells and not on stem cell lines that are derived from human embryos.

The Obama Government said that it will request the judge to lift the ban and allow the funding for the research work.