Health Department Warns People About the Increasing Cases of Dengue

Department of health has issued a warning that the cases of dengue are increasing rapidly in Western Visayas and if people will not take immediate preventive measures, it’s inevitable outbreak will not be able to controlled.

After reviewing the data released by the National Epidemiology Center, Health Secretary, Enrique Ona yesterday said that dengue cases have increased tremendously in regions like Metro Manila, Western Visayas and Central Visayas.

According to the DOH 6 records, in Western Visayas from January to August, 11,896 dengue cases have been recorded.

After reviewing the recent data over the increase of dengue cases, Ona has been encouraging people to visit their local health centers, if they see any symptoms of dengue.

This will help the workers at the health centre to treat the patients shortly, if they will be on the initial stage of the disease and in that case they will not require hospitalization.

“Many dengue cases, if mild, can be managed at home or closely monitored by our local health workers in the various communities since not all dengue cases require hospitalization”, he said.

He also said that symptoms of bronchitis, the regular flu and cold are similar to the symptoms of dengue.