Microsoft: Google Instant is a Privilege to the Market

After the launch of the instant service, Google, the Worldwide Advertisement and Internet Search Corporation, received an applause from Microsoft. The new Google service was launched on the 7th of September, offering the users real time results.

According to experts, the service would increase the gap between the client base of Google and Bing, the web search engine technology released by Microsoft.

On the other hand, Mike Nichols, the General Manager of Bing, wrote to eWeek on the 9th of September, saying that that Google’s new service is a another brick in the wall of a strong contained search engine service that has been developing steadily through the past 12 to 15 months.

He added, "From improving accuracy of results to speeding up time to complete tasks, there are a lot of opportunities to improve today's search engine and we're working hard to do so. When Bing and Google compete to improve search, consumers win".

Executives working on the development of Bing at Microsoft stressed the fact that the Companies Bing and Google are working for the same purpose, which is providing the users with the most convenient search services. In addition, Microsoft stated that it respects Google’s domination on the field of keyword search.