Court Needs an Answer from the Game Industry for Violating the Rules

As the video game industry has been breaching the ban on selling or renting violent video games to minors, the U. S. Supreme Court is expecting the industry to put forward its explanations for the same.

The video game industry is now ready to put forward its argument before the Supreme Court that why the free speech rights of the developers is being violated by putting a ban on the sale or rental of violent video games.

The issue also includes the family advocates who are arguing that parents must also know about the violent media to which their children are being exposed to.

President of the Entertainment Consumers Assn., Hal Halpin said that forget about the 800-pound gorillas, which represents the players of the game, it seems more like an army going to fight a war.

According to the free-speech advocates, although the violent video games have been restricted by the California law but the case also point towards changing the other media, including violent movies, music with explicit lyrics and books.

Supporting the law of California, Atty. Gen. of the state, Jerry Brown has said in his briefs submitted to the court that the violent games should also be categorized under the porn section.

"There is no sound basis in logic or policy for treating offensively violent, harmful material with no redeeming value for children any different than sexually explicit material”, Brown wrote.