'Halo: Reach' to Mark a New Beginning

There is a probability that the prequel ‘Halo: Reach’ might find itself alienated as it marks its debut on Sept. 14. As ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has now come out to be the best-selling shooter game, Halo might find the land quite different from what it left.

The year 2007 had brought great success for ‘Halo’, with its armored hero of the original trilogy, Master Chief. The race car, adorning French fry wrappers and soda cans had made a great impact on the gamers. Microsoft Corp’s spawning novels, toys and apparel, and the augmenting sales of Xboxes, all had marked a remarkable era for Halo.

While the original 'Halo' stands among the Top 50 games, 'Halo 2' and 'Halo 3' are both among the Top 20 games but there have been many changes ever since Bungie Studios came up with the Master Chief.

They haven't seen a brand new 'Halo' game in three years. I think three years between iterations is actually just enough time to get people excited about playing 'Halo' again”, says Wedbush Morgan gaming industry analyst, Michael Pachter, as he talks about how the suffering of ‘call of duty’ will be too high; for, players have already played it the last year.