Leadbetter Cowboy Beef Burgers Infected with E. coli

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has warned that Leadbetters Cowboy Beef Burgers are contaminated with E. coli.

According to the agency, as many as five people have been diagnosed with E. coli infection after eating Leadbetter Cowboy Beef Burgers. One more case is also suspected, but is under investigation.

Dr. David Williams, who is the Associate Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, said that more cases are expected. While talking to CBC News, he further said that a few cases have been reported from a youth camp in Ontario.

The contaminated frozen packages of 20 burgers were sold in Ontario and had UPC codes 8 73587 00003 5 and 20169. These packets were sold between August 12 and 21.

Williams said that this strain of E. coli is the same that killed as many as seven people, 10 years ago during an outbreak in Walkerton, Ont.

The agency has requested people to avoid eating these burgers till the threat is over.

Dr. Arlene King, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Health, has told that people should get rid of these burgers.

People who get the E. coli infection suffer from symptoms like abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, seizures, and strokes.