Study: AIDS Virus Occurrence in French Gay Men Gone Overboard

In a study published on Thursday, it has been referred that the AIDS infection amongst gay men in France seems to have crossed the border line, which is regardless of seeing a plunge in the number of HIV instances in the nation, in a general level.

The French National Institute for Public Health Surveillance’s scientists have been able to find that almost 7,000 people have recently been infected with the HIV virus in the year 2008 and that the major proportion pertained to gay men.

Also, the researchers found that the instance was 200 times higher in gay men to be infected with the virus in contrast to the heterosexual populace.

The findings depicted that the powers in the nation ought to rearrange the prevention regulations and make sure that the new rules are devised keeping the gay populace in mind, since they run the highest risk of being infected with the virus, as told by experts.

HIV or human immunodificeincy virus, which is a straight cause of AIDS, attacks 33.4 million people all over the world. It is the sub-Saharan Africa, where the proportion of 22.4 million is covered out of the total and the next fastest growing player in the race is the Eastern Europe.

The study has been published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases.