Osborne calls for 4 billion pounds cut in welfare spending

The UK Chancellor Mr. George Osborne has said that the coalition government is planning for a further 4 billion pounds cut in the annual welfare spending of the country.

The chancellor will produce the details savings in the spending review of October which will include the 11 billion pounds cut made in the month of June.

But the Treasury Department says the target of savings is still to be achieved. Mr. Osborne said those people who aimed at sit on out of work benefit would be affected by the spending cuts. The Chancellor has described the welfare budget as totally out of control.

Meanwhile, the Labor has said that the plan of cut for welfare spending would hit the poor in the society including the disabled and pensioners. The cuts of 11 billion pounds of June and 4 billion pounds in this month represent almost 6% of the total welfare spending.

The Treasury Department is involved in meetings with so many ministers to discuss about the spending review of October which is expected to be the toughest one in nearly a decade. On the other hand Labor said the spending cuts system needed some modification.