Balloons Released In the Sky To Honor Taranki Suicide Victims

World Suicide Prevention Day was observed and as many as sixteen balloons were released in the sky in the memory of all the people who committed suicide in a year. The balloons lit up the sky as they flew above New Plymouth yesterday.

As divulged by the Safe Community Program Manager, Channa Perry, an average of 540 suicides per year took place in New Zealand, and as many as 16 of them in Taranaki. It was also added that the suicide rate was high among men.

Mrs. Perry said, "We did research in 2008 that showed farmers were a high group rate, especially at times of economic stress”.

Further, a seminar was conducted by the New Plymouth health organizations and the venue of the same was the council chambers. It is reported that the live streaming video from the Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand conference in Auckland was watched by approximately 60 guests.

Also, ‘individual stories behind the statistics’ were also shared by the speakers, wherein the impact of suicide on the family was thrown light upon.

Appreciating the efforts, Dr. Samir Heble, Mental Health Director at Taranaki District Health Board, said that the groups like the DHB and schools had adopted their own approaches so as to keep the suicides at bay. He said that in these events, a common platform was provided wherein people from different backgrounds come together.