Handheld Laser Pointers Linked to Eye Injuries

A new research is reported to have linked handheld laser pointers to eye injury risk. The study has been conducted by Dr. Martin Schmid, head of the retina unit in the department of ophthalmology at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital in Switzerland and colleagues.

A laser pointer, a small laser device is used to highlight an object by directing a coherent source of light onto it. These pointers are available based on varied strength of the laser.

The study report was recently published earlier this week in The New England Journal of Medicine.

In addition, the study has highlighted a recent case involving a teenaged Swiss guy who accidently burned his eyes during his laser show. The report to experience a blurred vision in his eyes following the hit of the light beam in his eyes after it bounced back several times from the mirror.

The boy’s left macula was diagnosed with subretinal hemorrhage and numerous tiny round scars in the pigment epithelium of the foveolar region of his right eye.

The study has claimed that laser pointers may result in subretinal hemorrhage in macula.

Moreover, the study has recommended adopting precautions while using laser pointer, especially children and teenagers.