Sylentis Receives Approval for Second Phase I/II Trial

Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency is reported to have granted its nod to Sylentis, powering it to start with a second Phase I/II clinical trial on its new drug being designed to serve as a part in the treating ocular hypertension.

Sylentis is a subsidiary of Grupo Zeltia and hails to be a leader in the field of developing new gene silencing treatments and therapies, also known as interference RNA (RNAi).

The approval has been granted after the Phase I trial of the drug fetched success.

The Phase I/II trial centers around SYL040012 on intraocular pressure in patients surviving with ocular hypertension.

The clinical trial with SYL040012 slated to be conducted at the Navarra University Clinic and the Ramony Cajal University Hospital in Madrid will be the first one to be undertaken in Spain. The trial will be performed on patients, reporting intraocular pressure of 21 mm Hg or more.

Discerned as a specific RNAi targeting the Beta-2 adrenergic receptor, SYL040012 has been proved to assist in lowering intraocular pressure in animal. In addition, the drug is proved to help in preventing glaucoma.

SYL040012 drug has been experimented to fetch robust results compared to others used in control branch of the trial.