Public Opinion Important for Improving Community Pharmacies Services

Health officials at NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney (NHS GYW) have decided to come up with a plan, in which they will seek suggestions from patients and public about improving the quality of services of community pharmacies.

The NHS GYW has made a total of 15 recommendations and it is asking people to mention their opinion about what they think of these proposals.

The recommendations are: providing health checks for people, who are between the age group of 40 and 74, set up more ‘stop smoking’ services, and providing emergency contraception and health tests for sexually transmitted disease like Chlamydia.

The ‘public consultation’ will be on a white paper, named Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.

The three main points that the white paper will focus on are: doing everything keeping patients in mind, making healthcare more efficient, and giving more powers to clinicians.

Rebecca Driver, who is Associate Director of Communications and Engagement for NHS GYW, said that public participation on the core issues of the white paper is very important. She further said that the public can pass their viewpoints through the Department of Health's public consultation.

Members of the public can also visit the website www. gywpct. nhs. uk and leave their opinion. They can also fill a consultation form, which will be available at the pharmacy or GP surgery.