Schools to Participate in Cookie Morning to Help Cancer Charity

The primary schools in the Yeovil area will help an important cancer charity in raising funds through its World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

The schools and nurseries have been requested by Macmillan Cancer Support to carry out a cookie march followed by a cookie morning to help raise more than £8.3m.

The cancer charity is urging the citizens of Somerset to make their contribution in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning of the year.

As a part of the activity, the kids in the schools will be encouraged to have milk and cookies at their own junior coffee morning in place of coffee and cakes; and can also go for a funded cookie march, as told by Claire Allen, Macmillan’s Fundraising Manager in Somerset.

Allen further added that by taking part in the event, kids would feel good to work for a common cause.

This year, the charity wants to raise £65,000 to provide financial assistance to significant cancer services. Last year, the charity managed to raise £50,000 by conducting 400 Macmillan coffee mornings.

“The services we provide people with cancer are absolutely essential and we rely on events like the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to help us fund them, so please get involved”, said Claire Allen.