D Telekom in talks to sell T-Mobile's UK business

Britain's Vodafone, France Telecom and Spain's Telefónica are all in discussions with Deutsche Telekom over a possible take-over of mobile phone operator T-Mobile's UK business.

The Financial Times stated that the talks for the potential take-over are in the first round and all the three parties are interested in the would-be deal.

Telecoms experts valued T-Mobile UK at €3bn-€4bn.

Deutsche Telekom's CEO, René Obermann planned to sell T-Mobile UK's business due to its plunging revenue, which was surely the outcome of recession. In an effort to revive its UK subsidiary, Deutsche Telekom has also installed a new management team.

T-Mobile UK possesses 14.9 per cent of the UK's market share, while Telefónica's O 2 unit, Vodafone and France Telecom's Orange enjoys 27.7 per cent, 24.7 per cent and 21.5 per cent respectively.