Suicidal Symptoms Helpful in Avoiding Suicides

World Suicide Prevention Day was on Sept. 10. Organizers intended to make the people aware of what can be done to save a life. Started in the year 2003 as a joint venture between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Association for Suicide Prevention, the event has its presence in 35 nations and regions.

It was observed by WHO that across the globe, roughly one million people commit suicide every year, or there is one death in every 40 seconds. In addition, there are many unrevealed incidents of suicidal attempts.

In an endeavour to spread consciousness about suicide, 75-minute ceremony is being organised at the art gallery in the downtown core, in Vancouver. It is reported that nearly 4,000 people take their own lives in Canada, yearly.

The United Nations public health division deems that if the people are made aware of the warning symptoms, suicide attempts can be avoided, since around 80% of the persons exhibit such signs.

Diane Damstrom-Albach, the coordinator at Suicide Attempt Follow-up, Education and Research (SAFER), said that the prevention day was significant, since it made it easier to discuss the sensitive topic of suicide.

She said, “If you see that someone seems to be suffering with issues or problems, if they are emotionally distraught, if they are overwhelmed, if they are depressed, it is very important to ask them directly about suicide and ... to connect them with people who can help them".