Similarities and dissimilarities between iPod Touch and iPhone 4G

Apple newly released fourth generation iPod touch may share many features with the iPhone 4, but there are many differences between the two.

The first and foremost is that the iPod Touch is basically a music gadget and it doesn’t allow users to make call like what the iPhone does.

The iPod Touch now doesn’t features the iPhone 4G's aluminum and glass ice-cream sandwich design. It features a trapezoidal shape with a plane glass front plus a chrome back plate.

The iPod Touch come with amazingly thin dimensions, 1.48 by 1.61 by 0.35 inches, and it is just 0.75 ounces in weight. It has a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels. The iPhone 4G looks like a behemoth when compared with the iPod Touch.

Nevertheless, the two devices share a number of similarities. Both of the iPod Touch and iPhone 4G are equipped with same Apple's A4 CPU processor. Both devices offer quick and simple scrolling through the OS. Moreover, multitasking is also easy to use. Users can run the music player while using some heavy application.

Apple has recently released revamped range of iPod Touch. Like the iPhone 4G, the new iPod Touch comes with a retina display. It has a front-facing camera for Face Time video chat. The retina display of the slimmer music player makes texts and images look amazingly sharp.