Diversification at Wetherspoon’s, Helps in Maximizing Profits

Wetherspoon, it seems are waging a lone war against recession by bringing in diversification at its outlets.

Wetherspoon has recorded sale of breakfasts in excess of 400,000 per week ever since its decision to open up 2 hours early. The decision to open up early was executed in the month of April. The popularity of breakfasts at Wetherpoon has helped in the sales tremendously.

Coffee sales have also further increased, which touched an astonishing 600,000 sales a week, a marked increase of 40% increase in sales.

Profits have increased as well, an increase in profits have been up to 7% or at £71million, while total sales have increased to £996.3million or an increase of 4.3%.

There have already been 47 new chains that have been opened for business this year till the month of July. The opening up of new outlets has also led to the creation of 2,400 jobs. The chain is already contemplating to open up the same amount of pubs in the following year as well.

The chain would be hoping that the Government though changes its point of view about pubs and relaxes its stand towards the chain. Wetherspoon, paid a whopping £400million in taxes last financial year.