New Mental Health Reform Required in Australia

According to a latest report by Access Economics, 60% of the total burden of ill-health is related to mental health in Australia.

The report said that last year, $10 billion was spent on the mental illness among Australian children, who were between 12 and 25 years.

The amount rose to $25 billion with the inclusion of disability and premature death costs.

The report also emphasised on improving the overall socio-economic status of the country.

In Australia, there is a lack of an integrated mental health system. Thus, it is very essential to have a unified system, which will focus mainly on the early intervention for children and youngsters, who are below 25. The present system of crisis management and damage control is unable to deal with the mental health issues of the nation.

Pat McGorry, who is Australian of the Year, has asked the newly elected Julia Gillard’s Government to come up with a new reform in mental health. He also pointed out to the Government that more funds are also needed to deal with the issue.

Professor Pat is hopeful that the new Prime Minister will pay attention to the sector and do some constructive work right from the start of her tenure.

Professor McGorry suggested that the transform plan of the mental health reform should be done by forming a panel. The taskforce should have a total of eight members, in which the PM, senior efficient officials, and health professionals should be included.