Bundaberg Patient's Support Group Assesses their Progress

Bundaberg Patient's Support Group had been initiated by Beryl Crosby around five and a half years ago. It had been started when the works of Patel had received allegations in the Bundaberg Hospital. Later in July, with the charge of killing three patients and posing serious bodily harm to another patient, Patel was put behind the bars for seven years.

There were almost 25 patients that had suffered from the botched medical care of this disgraced surgeon; and even today, their families are struggling to seek justice for the same. Now yesterday, it was the last time that this support group for the ex-patients of the convicted surgeon Jayant Patel met in southern Queensland, in Bundaberg.

They assembled at the QCWA Hall on Quay Street to have a meeting with Brisbane based non-practicing barrister Greg Williams, along with MP Rob Messenger. In this meeting, they held discussions over the progress that they have made since the very first meeting of this group that had held in July.

Mr. Williams said, “In relation to compensation, we’ve got a questionnaire asking for all the details about their care so we can find out exactly what has happened to some patients. We are at the point where we are about to start collating that and comparing the experiences of different patients”.

It had been found that there are many patients who have even moved on with lives now, even though it had been a very tough journey on whole.