Mob Violence Getting Horrible in Alice Springs

The Northern Territory opposition reported that because of the lately held mob violence in Alice Springs, a shadow of it has been rendered over the complete community. It has been weeks now that Alice Springs is being disturbed by the mob rampages. These riots are being condemned by many, including the NT Opposition Spokesman for Central Australia, Matt Conlan.

For the incident that took place on September 2 at an Aboriginal camp in Alice Springs, two men were charged in relation to a group. They are 21 years old men, and have been charged recently in this week for conducting dangerous stabbing of a man in the camp.

Even in the northern suburbs of Alice Springs, at the Walpiri Camp, police had been called during the midnight of September 2. A man had been the serious victim of a fatal stabbing at his leg, and he was later driven to the Alice Springs Hospital. But today morning, it was reported that he died because of the serious wounds.

Not only this, another group of youth used bottles and sticks to terrorize taxi drivers and they also their cars on fire. In this incident also, two taxi drivers suffered minor cuts because their windows were smashed. This also happened in the Alice Springs. Thus, the region is growing in such kinds of mob violence.