DOH: Dengue Is Not a National Epidemic

The Department of Health (DOH) made an announcement on Friday stating that it would be working with the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to find a cure for dengue, stressing that it is not going to declare dengue as a national epidemic.

The DOH made this announcement, although the DOH reported that it has received around 70,000 reports of confirmed cases of dengue in January 2010 alone, increasing the percentage of victims of this fever by
99% in comparison to last year's records.

According to the Health Secretary, Enrique Ona, the reason behind the underfunding of the researches for a cure for dengue is that it has been recorded as epidemic only in Southeast Asia. He added that other illnesses as theH1N1, the swine flu, attacked the entire population of the world.

Dr. Eric Tayag, from the DOH National Epidemiology Center, said, "We will not declare a nationwide outbreak because not all parts of the country have this type of dengue-carrying mosquito". He also advised the people to maintain a higher level of hygiene, whereas he advised the medical consultant to start spreading awareness regarding the disease.

Dr. Tayag emphasized the importance of "educating" the public regarding the treatments of the mild cases and the preventative measures that they should do at home.