MusicFest Site Sprayed After Mosquito Populace Tested Positive for West Nile Virus

The MusicFest site, which is going to take place this weekend, has been sprayed after a mosquito populace tested positive for West Nile virus.

A spokesperson for the county informed that spraying for mosquitoes in the Oak Ridge Park in Clark has been done after it was discovered on the 3rd of September that a mosquito population at the site was carrying West Nile virus.

On the website of the Clark Township, it has been mentioned that the virus was located in a puddle of mosquitoes in the park and that the public health officers had been informed about the same.

Sebastian D'Elia, the spokesperson for the county, said that the mosquito control unit has aptly taken care of the problem and sprayed in the park and pool area, where the virus was found.

There are a number of pools in the county, and it is not surprising that West Nile Virus can be located in any of those pools or in the state of New Jersey all together.

Nancy Raymond, the Health Officer of Clark Township, did not reply to the questions asked concerning the issue.

There is no information regarding the size of the pool in which the West Nile Virus was found.