School-Based Clinics Set Up in Rhode Island to Provide Flu Vaccine

The Department of Health of Rhode Island has decided that the vaccination of children against influenza will be a yearly event.

Dr. Elizabeth B. Lange says that the children are the easy targets for the H1N1 virus and through the children the disease is transferred to other people.

The scientists have come up with a new influenza vaccine, which will protect the people from both the both the seasonal flu strains and H1N1.

Clinics will be set up in Rhode Island Schools, where the parents can bring their children to get a flu shot.

Annemarie Beardsworth, who is the spokeswoman of Health Department, says that Rhode Island's initiative to have school-based clinics is one of its kind. No other state has done such an effort to fight with the influenza problem.

On the other hand, clinics in Richmond and Berea regions have also received ample packets of flu vaccine.

The vaccinations are $25 for adults, and $10 or children who qualify for the income-based Kentucky Vaccine Program.

The flu shots in the Madison County Health Department will be available from 8 a. m. till today.

After the vaccination, two weeks' time is required for a person in order to have complete protection from the flu.