Leak brings out the largest Google ad buyers

A recent leak report offers Google ad purchasers, all credited to a new internal Google document leaked by Advertising Age, where various firms spent nearly $1 million in June to buy ads in Google's search findings.

The recent leap was stated when BP, who have exhausted $3.59 million for the present month, spearheading the sales from $57,000 soon after the oil spill.

At a current price of $3.6 million, BP has slid down to sixth place in case of firms offering huge amounts of cash discounts with respect toads via Google.

AT&T with its release of iPhone 4 has acquired the top position, spending $8.08 million for the month of June. Apollo Group, the firm behind the University of Phoenix, ranking second after spending $6.67 million for the period.

The firms were backed by Expedia, Amazon, eBay, BP, Hotels.com, JC Penney, Living Social and ADT Security to feature in top 10.

Google till date has not corroborated the document, but AdAge claims that multiple sources state "direct knowledge of spending levels" claiming the data to be immaculate.

Also, 47 companies in total spent over $1 million in June, with a lot of 71 will be spending anything between $500,000 and $1 million and another 357 will be priced between $100,000 and $500,000.