Steelworkers Union to File Lawsuit against China

It has been said by the United Steelworkers union’s President and Adviser that they are planning to file a lawsuit against China for violating the rules of the World Trade Organization.

The union said that China is accused of subsidizing clean energy equipment exports. The filing, which said that China’s provincial Governments and the Government in Beijing has taken the advantage of land grants, is 18 inches thick and more than 5,000 pages.

According to the union, by violating the rules of WTO, Chinese Companies have expanded their shares in the world market of solar panels, nuclear power plants, wind turbines and other clean energy equipment by putting their jobs at stake in the US and other places.

The Obama administration has been requested in the filings to take steps against China at WTO proceedings in Geneva and force them to revoke the subsidies.

“Unless China’s policies are urgently addressed, the U.S. may never get a fair shot at making the green technologies of the future”, the filing says.

For many months, the trade lawyers in Washington have been talking about the extensive export subsidies for clean energy by China and they were expecting that it will be definitely accused for violating the rules.