Brush More Not Harder, Say Experts

The Canadian Health services believe that September is a good time to emphasize on good dental habits and it has therefore decided to bring about the necessary changes required to avert the unnecessary dental visits.

“Back-to-school is an ideal time for parents to reinforce some of the key preventative strategies to good dental health including daily brushing and flossing, making healthy food and drink choices and visiting the dentist for an examination”, says Dr. Bruce Ward, British Columbia Dental Association President.

This statement was made following a survey, which established that as much as 2.26 million school-days are lost due to dental visits or dental sick-days in an annum.

He further added that the only way to perfectly start and end a day was to brush your teeth in the morning and then before sleeping. It is also advisable to brush more and not harder, he asserted.

Cheese, nuts, carrot and celery sticks, fresh fruit or plain yogurt, he believes are perfect foods, which are also tooth-friendly. It is always better to avoid soft or sticky foods for they tend to remain there until you brush your teeth again, which for most of the kids would be the next day.

Also, there are several other drinks besides sugar, pop and other carbonated beverages that happen to comprise of acids, which can destroy the tooth enamel.