No Solid Proof for Treatments Against Morning Sickness

As concluded by a recent research, morning sickness in pregnant women can hardly be alleviated by alternative treatments, as they didn’t find specific proofs regarding the same.

Around 50% of the pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, vomiting and nausea. The hospitalization in this case is two in every 100 women.

There are some drugs that can rectify the problem of morning sickness, but are not safe to use by pregnant women. But, as per the international researchers who conducted the study, there are not enough evidences to recommend alternative therapies. The study was appraised by Dublin City University School of Nursing.

The study was carried out on more than 4,000 women with pregnancy of up to 20 weeks. About 30 strictly controlled trials were made on them. The researchers also observed previous done studies on therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, acustimulation and ginger. These methods showed no noteworthy benefits.

The researchers suggested some dietary and lifestyle changes that could help in rectifying the problem. They recommended pregnant women taking sumptuous amount of rest, drinking a lot but small proportion of water, consuming cold meals, eating plain biscuits before getting up, avoiding food or fragrances that initiate symptoms and wearing comfortable clothes.

"Despite the wealth of different treatments available, the difficulties in interpreting the results of the studies highlight the need for further, more rigorous trials in this area", said Dr. Anne Matthews of Dublin City University.