Massachusetts Department Cancels Outdoor Activities Fearing West Nile Virus

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health declared that the West Nile virus was discovered in mosquito traps in both Fall River and Swansea.

Fearing the outbreak of the virus, outdoor public school sports have been banned by the officers in New Bedford, until Oct. 1 or till the time, they are not sure if the risk has faded.

The state and local officers will carry out tests to detect both West Nile and the more fatal eastern equine encephalitis. Fall River officers said that the virus was detected in a mosquito pool in the region of Oak Grove Cemetery.

Today, between 2 and 5 a. m., the region would be sprayed by the Bristol County Mosquito Control. During this period, people have been asked to stay inside their homes and close their windows, along with taking other precautionary measures.

Mayor Will Flanagan said that kids, seniors, pals, and pets should be taken care of, when the area would be sprayed.

Flanagan said, "At this time, no decision has been made by myself or Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown to cancel athletic programs. I'm just asking people to use common sense".

According to Swansea health agent, John Carvalho, mosquitoes were spotted in a pool in the Barneyville region of town around Old Providence Road, close to a pumping station. Of the 87 that were captured, one has tested positive.