Concerns rising over new local enterprise partnerships

The UK government has received 56 requests for making new local business groups but that has raised concerns that some of them will be too small.

As per the report, the new partnerships of businesses and councils are set to replace the nine Regional Development Agencies of England which were scrapped by the coalition government. Meanwhile, the business secretary Vince Cable has said that the new bodies will work with their own agenda instead of working under the agenda set by Whitehall.

On the other hand the MPs have expressed their worries that some of them may be too small to be operational. The Regional Development Agencies were established under the Labor government in order to help the local businesses but failed to work properly and attacked by the taxpayers.

The coalition government has described the new Local Enterprise Partnerships of the businesses and authorities as the first step of rebalancing the economy of UK.

Mr. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary has said that such move had ended the artificial political region of the Regional Development Agencies. Mr. Cable said there had to be genuine partnerships between the businesses and government to improve the economy of the country.